At Madeira,
you’ll experience


Unexpected Fact #1

We love school! (Yes, really!)

What makes Madeira girls jump out of bed in the morning?


At Madeira, school is different. It isn’t a chore or a competition – it's an opportunity.

And it’s yours for the taking.

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representing 38 countries, 19 states

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Unexpected Fact #2

Madeira girls are focused...not overwhelmed. (Isn’t that the point of school?)

That’s because we take three classes at a time. Why three? It gives us more time for deep, ambitious learning and a better opportunity to retain what we’ve learned.

Madeira asks: “How can we make school better?” And then actually makes it happen.

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Our year is divided into 7 modules (“Mods”), each lasting 5 weeks. It’s a serious program for girls who are serious about learning – and love to have fun in class.

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We focus on 3 courses each Mod. Our 80-minute classes allow us to really dig into our subjects and enjoy balance in our day.

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One Mod is reserved for the Co-Curriculum internship. For 5 weeks every year, students gain real-world experience. (Madeira is the only school in the nation where you complete three amazing internships!).

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The last block is reserved for sports and activities. Every Madeira girl participates each season in a sport or in activities like dance, theater, ModelUN, publications, and more.

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336 students = 336 unique schedules! Madeira girls graduate with the experience, courage, and skills to make an impact in college and beyond.

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sample 10th grade schedule


student:faculty ratio

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of faculty

hold advanced degrees

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Unexpected Fact #3

Madeira is the only school where 100% of students graduate with three amazing internships. (Colleges love that!)

You know how many more internships that is than most schools? Three!

At Madeira, we believe that in order to change the world, you have to first experience it. (So we do! Each year.)

We call it Co-Curriculum. It’s our super-charged internship program. When you leave Madeira, you’ll bring an impressive resume and real-world skills.

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9th Grade

Building Strength: You’ll prepare for the program in Madeira’s Student Life classes, which will give you important life skills – such as public speaking, creating an online career portfolio, CPR, and leadership – as you build a deeper understanding of yourself and your community.

10th Grade

Serving Others: You’ll start your internship experience by serving and learning how to advocate for others. Each day, you will travel off-campus in small groups to work with community organizations that are making a real difference in the world.

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11th Grade

Effecting Change: As a junior, you’ll have the unique experience of interning on Capitol Hill in a Congressional office. You’ll learn how government operates and how to effect real change, and you’ll research a policy issue for a Capstone Project. These are skills that only on-the-job training can teach.

12th Grade

Pursuing a Passion: By senior year, you’ll be ready to design your own internship. We help you find an internship that allows you to explore an interest that may one day become a career. Choose from more than 300 internships such as computer programming, cancer research, advocacy, architecture and design, theatre production, and more.

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of students

who take AP exams achieve a score eligible for college credits


Unexpected Fact #4

Campus looks like this...

...and we’re only minutes from DC (yes, really).


of students

contributing to the spirit and energy of the Madeira community

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Best Boarding School in VA(Niche 2022 Best High Schools)

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Unexpected Fact #5

There’s one thing colleges don’t love about Madeira...that there aren’t more of us!

It’s true. Madeira girls not only graduate with the impressive life skills and real-world experience that colleges seek, but also the curiosity and passion that set us up as confident leaders.

  • Real-world experience
  • College-like schedule
  • Confident
  • Courageous
  • Collaborative
  • Ready to stand out in college
  • Prepared for an ever-changing future

So, what about you? Will YOU be a

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